Thursday, April 14, 2011

There've always been Starkadders at Cold Comfort Farm...

Cold Comfort Farm

I LOVE this movie! I ordered it some weeks back and it finally came in. Got home from school Wednesday night, popped the vid in the player and peered out from a pup pile on the loveseat.

Tee hee.


Zdogk9 said...

She saw something nasty in the woodshed.

Roscoe said...

I saw "Cold Comfort Farm" at the local art house when it hit the US 15 (?) years ago.

At the time, I remember Rufus Sewell being tagged as Pierce Brosnan's heir apparent for the Bond role, but when the time came, the producers passed over Sewell for Daniel Crag and the rest is history.

(Maybe the-powers-that-be running Bond should reconsider. The last two films attempting to "reboot" the franchise have been lousy IMHO, and Sewll is finally the right age for the part.)

Anonymous said...

Lots of scenery chewing.