Wednesday, April 27, 2011

faux'n paws

I really hate when I have to deal with someone on the phone whose voice dramatically skews from the gender their name would indicate, and unfortunately, I usually find out their name after we've been talking for a while.

When I'm talking to that lady in one vendor's office (usually after I've said "yes sir" or "no sir" at least once), having taken their name at the end of the call to find I was speaking with Belinda, well, I remember that when I call that particular office these days, but will I ever learn, generally?

I have one customer now who makes Dr. Girlfriend sound absolutely powder-puff. This customer was offended by their previous represenative to the point that they asked for their account to be reassigned to me.


I'm kind of wondering if the previous rep was just taken aback, having called her "sir." Still, I vow to not make assumptions, and to do better. I really don't want to offend.


Chris said...

Have a trick I learned in car sales.. Ask for a name as soon as possible, without being rude. Repeat it often without being over the top about it. People tend to be more cooperative when they are thought of as unique and important. Also goes a long way to clear up gender issues.
Unless of course... they are a critter. Then "sir" or "Ma'am" carries a whole different meaning.

Old NFO said...

Good point Chris makes! :-) Love the pic too, it FITS!

On a Wing and a Whim said...

I just explained who Dr. Girlfriend is to Calmer Half. Now he wants to see a Venture Brothers episode, despite my warning that the parody may not be funny if you've never seen the original kid's cartoons it's drawn from. So if you want a morning smile, picture Calmer Half trying to make sense of the show...

Ruth said...

Been there, done that, thankfully never had a customer toss a total fit over it....I agree with Chris, get a name asap during the phone call, write it down in front of you if at all possible, at the end of the call cross it off so you don't call the next person by the wrong name.