Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Here's how I feel about whoever or whatever ganked my iPhone:


I am so hating on you right now. If you thought birds were angry, well, you have NO IDEA.

I never plug my iPhone into the computer and now I know why. I plugged the phone into the computer Monday night and *poof!* All my photos, my iTunes-- all that stuff is now GONE with the flapping wind. I don't get it-- how did this happen? It's got butt-tons of memory.

I am steamed.

Phone numbers?
Gone. All gone.

SO... if you're my friend, please send me a text saying "I am (your name here)" so I can save your number with your name, mkay?



Jay G said...

Talk to Alan. SRSLY. If he can't help you, it's beyond help. I'd wager it's just a simple matter of getting stuff from back up or something...

Josh Kruschke said...

Your phone should of back up all your songs and info on iTunes. You should be able to up load all the same songs and info to your new iPhone if you get another one
Call apple report your phone stolen they have a record of SN number of the phone so no one will be able to register or use the phone.

Hope things work out,

Josh Kruschke said...

Oh, sorry thought someone stole your phone. Read it again. I think I know what happened.
When you first plug your phone you need to up load all your data by right clicking on your name of your phone in the bar to the left on iTunes scroll down to I think it's call up load date/purchased.

Sorry if this is a little late.

Anonymous said...

Did you plug it in to a different computer than you normally use? If so it may have synced to that computer which didn't have all your stuff. Just a thought. Whatever happened...it does suck, we sure get used to having all our stuff in our pocket! I'd be lost without my iphone (sad to admit but true).

Old NFO said...

I just went through that last month... Call Apple...

Sigivald said...

I was with Joshkie at first - normally I read "ganked" as "stolen".

And yes, iTunes ought to just have backups of the phone state from at very least the last successful sync.