Sunday, April 24, 2011

Om nom nom

Friday when I got to Dallas, I went for a manicure/pedicure, and the tv was running Food Network, and I saw a couple recipes that sounded intriguing. They were on 2 separate shows, but I thought they seemed like a match. Sunday night, I finished up my homework that will be due Wednesday, and I think quite possibly that will be all the homework required of me. This seemed a good reason to grab my bonnet and trot into town for the ingredients to a lovely (but healthy) meal.

One recipe was for Sole Meuniere and this couldn't be more quick or simple, with very good results. I made mine with an inexpensive tilapia,but I'm sure this would work well with several varieties of white fish. The fish only takes a few minutes to prepare, so go ahead and spend the 20 minutes preparing the salad first. I made this quinoa salad. Delicious. Quinoa is a sprout, though it's often referred to as a grain. It's a metabolism-boosting food, and it gives some of the effect of eating a starch (a little like tabloueh) but to much better effect, food value-wise. Due to the processing, there is usually a film left on the sprouts, so you'll want to make sure that is off. I bought pre-washed quinoa because that was all they had at WalMart, but if you buy the other variety, be sure to plan for enough time to soak it for 10 or 15 minutes and rinse prior to beginning the cooking process.

By the way, a friend adds quinoa to her chili, and it's a marvelous addition to the dish. :)

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