Thursday, April 28, 2011

cookie fortune.

I couldn't resist. I snapped this photo and sent it off to my friend Lin. She fired back "especially if you stay in a motel off I-40."



My throat is scratchy. Smoke in the air most days lately, with a wildfire just a couple miles away last week. Disturbing, because it's been so eerily dry already. So much of Texas is a tinderbox right now. Meanwhile, I'm seeing that the folks in Missouri have been getting rain that I think was meant for us. Heard a news story a couple days ago that a town in Arkansas was wiped off the map by a tornado, with most homes there destroyed. I later learned that a cousin of mine lives in that town, but he and family are all safe.

Amazing, weather and environment, and how quickly things can change dramatically. Working from home now, when the siren goes off calling the volunteer fire department, it gives me serious pause.


Josh Kruschke said...

I always like get lucky on the floor can't get hurt falling of the floor.
Good to hear that your cousins family is ok. I wonder when are we going to learn to stop building with twigs. Didn't we learn anything from the three little pigs?


Old NFO said...

Just take care of yourself and the pups Phlegmmy...

Auntie J said...

We live on a street in town here that's affectionately termed "Ambulance Alley." The main fire station is located on a one-way street about two-thirds of a mile away from our house, and pretty much anything in our general direction means that trucks, ambulances, police cars, fire chiefs, and mopeds come screaming down our street and around the (sometimes busy) corner we live on. Kinda creepy some days, to hear all that action, and I work from home too. The day we had a fire about a quarter mile down our street was interesting, to say the least. (That was 2008, the kids were napping, and it was one of the hottest days of the year. And then they cut the power.)

Glad to hear your family's okay. I'll send you some of our rain. I don't want anymore.