Wednesday, April 13, 2011


My teeth don't meet properly. I had my teeth cleaned about a year ago and (as I suspected, based on jaw pain), the day my doctors predicted has arrived: my misaligned teeth are finally causing my molars to crack because the back tooth on each side is the only place where my teeth touch. I know: weird, innit? I don't think I look like I Have a skeletal deformity, but I do wonder what it's like to have your teeth meet, and I'm looking forward to that. I'm probably going to start the pre-op work in May and although I dread it, I'm looking forward to an end to the jaw pain and the fear of losing my teeth due to something that simply can't be fixed with braces or hygiene. I've never had a cavity, by the way, and even though I knew something had cracked back there, hearing the pronouncement by the dentist was a little heart-wrenching.

I dread the surgery, but it has to be done. They put braces on the teeth, make a dog-leg cut in the mandible, and then re-position the whole mess. I wont' be having any slicing of bone on the upper area or the chin. Still, yuck. It's incredibly creepy to consider, and at once, miraculous as well. This will take me out of commission for about 6 weeks. I'm planning this little delight to happen about mid-October. More on this later. You don't miss what you've never had, and it's going to feel strange to have my front teeth cut like a proper bite should, but I sure as hell won't miss the constant jaw/ear pain.


Anonymous said...

good pain control will be your friend... while a narcotic might be given, advi, naproxen or prescription only toradol might give you better relief but can eat a hole in one's stomach if not taken with food or acid reducing medication. also in general most narcotics, percocet and darvocet are mixed with tylenol, and you can take tylenol and NSAID's at the same time or alternating.

plus make sure you get a good antiemetic... zofran would be my first choice. thou unless your health insurance picks up the tab can cost you $30 a pill but is great.

also you might want to google strontium for bone healing. similar to calcium as an element but some believe much better for bone healing.

well that's my suggestions... that and Ice ice ice ice ice

good luck


Farmmom said...

I feel for ya hun. It will not be fun but in the end it will be worth it.

NotClauswitz said...

A friend of ours had that done at a considerably older age, you are in the bloom of youth and It will be a better and more happier you when the healing is done!
Be happy it's not related to your airway.
My wife's tooth implant work was done by this guy who does all KINDS of crazy other-apnea related stuff - Maxillomandibular advancement sounds a bit tough and scary.
We think he did Tiger Woods' jaw/tooth-fix. (There's an exclusive trophy-grade set of golf-clubs in a prominent location in his office - but don't all Doctors golf?)

pediem said...

I'm so sorry that you have to have something like this done, but think how much fun eating will be afterwards!

As for the pain control... If you are taking narcotics and need something like zofran for nausea, so long as you don't get the ODT (oral dissolving tablet) form specifically written for, it shouldn't be expensive. The regular (have-to-be-swallowed) tablets are much cheaper (something less than $1/tablet, I believe).

TOTWTYTR said...

Good luck with the surgery. The discomfort (never say pain) will be worth it in the end. All will heal and the discomfort will soon be forgotten and you'll get to enjoy the benefits.

Old NFO said...

Look on the 'far' side... there ARE benefits to look forward to.

NotClauswitz said...

Plus it will make your simile simply look even more FABULOUS! :-)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh honey, that does not sound fun! I fully expect the puppehs to dote upon you during your recovery.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I wish you all the best for that surgery -- tough road, but it will be worth it to be pain-free and to keep your teeth, definitely!!

A friend of mine had the complete surgery (upper and lower jaw) done in her forties. My advice: Ice ice ice at first to keep the swelling down, which will also reduce the post-op pain somewhat. The eating liquids-only was hardest for her (because her mouth was wired shut for months afterward). I was with her the day the wires finally came out -- we had planned to go have some chocolate cake at a cozy little cafe. She had to take very tiny bites because she could hardly get her mouth open, maybe a centimeter at most. So be ready for that too -- you have to slowly stretch the tendons in your jaw during the weeks following the wire removal after you're all healed up.

Matt G said...

But AFTER Blogorado, yes?

Auntie J said...

I had the option of staying "awake" when I had all four wisdom teeth (impacted, yay me) plus an abscessed molar extracted. Put me under, please. I don't want to see you putting those scary things anywhere near my mouth.

That said, I hope you come through the surgery in fine fettle, feeling much better, and having a happy smile to match!