Friday, April 29, 2011

On what inspires customer service.

I recently had the misfortune of having a crap customer reassigned to me from another representative at my company. I've learned firsthand why the customer was unsatisfied with the previous rep: this customer's a nasty piece of work and certainly would not inspire someone to go above and beyond, and perceives every unexpected turn as a slight against him by the service rep.

When I have courteous and polite people to deal with, I'll exhaust all resources to engineer a good outcome for them. I'll do my best at every turn, but when I'm badly treated, I'm certainly not going to open myself up to further opportunities to enjoy more abuse.

I really wonder what people think they are accomplishing when they threaten, bark orders and serve up heaping helpings of withering contempt to the people who assist them in service positions? Such people think they can intimidate other folks into doing a better job. Not so, I say.

These are precisely the same people who probably routinely send food back to the kitchens of restaurants they frequent. I am sure they are in part frustrated by the generally poor quality of service they encounter, because they merit no better. I guarantee you they have ingested more than a bit of someone else's bodily fluids. I mentioned this to one such person once, citing the likelihood there'd be extra additives in their replacement plate of hash, and they said, aghast, "they wouldn't dare." Guess what, sweetie? They totally dare. They were probably hugging themselves with glee as they peeked from the kitchen and watched you nom up their spittle. Or worse.

Bon appetit.


Farmmom said...

That sounds like my Father in law LOL

Josh Kruschke said...

From a purely business perspective I would drop him as customer.
Unless he's bringing in 4 to 5 time the revenue of other customers, he's not worth the wasted man-hours and heartache.
If he's costing you non-billable hours or comped stuff, he might be costing you more money than he's bringing in. If he's costing you time that could be spent with more productive customers, he's costing you money.
If you are worried about bad word of mouth, he's already doing that evertime makes a fuss around other costumers or his 'friends.'

Just my thoughts,

Ruth said...

I have always wondered that myself. Thing is society in general has taught them to be that way by caving in to them when they act like that.

Rabbit said...

I never knew my ex was a customer of yours. Sounds exactly like her M.O.

Spikessib said...

When I hear someone acting that way toward one of the nurses I always, very politely, ask them if they really expect acting like that to improve their (or usually their family members) care?

Old NFO said...

They get away with it because no body will take them to task... sigh... Joshkie is right!

Holly said...

Rules I follow:
Always compliment server and tip a bit over the standard;
Always inform the supervisor of anyone, server or clerk, or nurse of good service received;
if you receive unacceptable service of any sort, politely explain why your expectations were not met.
I find, when I am a repeat customer, I am treated to an extra measure of goodwill. The techs at my nail salon, for example, know my name, talk more and jump up to be the one who works on me.

Anonymous said...

College job. I was working as a fry cook at a local eatery that had pretty stupid uniforms. I hated the uniform, but I took their money, so, you know-- I wore it.

A little shit that had been the bane of my best friend's family's existance came in. He was my buddy's little brother's buddy, and thought that it was perfectly okay to burglarize their house to search for clothes and prescription drugs, to give a 13 year old boy a bottle of vodka at a school dance and encourage him to chug it, encourage other kids to steal, that kind of thing.

He saw me in my stupid uniform, and smirked, guffawed, pointed, and laughed at me before giving his order. He got some special sauce-- right under the pickle.

phlegmfatale said...

Thank you for weighing in, Anonymous. I think the little shit had it coming, quite frankly.