Tuesday, September 07, 2010

You MUST check out this post from my friend Lin:

Lin had friends traveling in the area for hunting, and the first photo of the post is of their HisNHers birch toybox for the stowage of firing irons. The post goes on to celebrate the ingenuity of a creative mind given free rein. Tinkertown is now on my list of must-see places. Be sure to click on the photos to embiggenate-- I think you'll be delighted by the things you see. :) My favorite so far besides the red wagon in the garden wall or the walls made of cement and green glass bottles would have to be the gate with the old bed frame embedded. Charming!

And I want one of those toyboxes, too!


Lin said...

Well, pick, a date, Ma Phlegmme, and let's just do it finally!

Hey, I bet I can talk Ed into doing up some second generation toy boxes for you, too. He may look and sound like a Klingon but he is a real softie for decent and honorable friends. You would certainly count in that category.

phlegmfatale said...

I'm all a-drool!!! Can't wait, Lin. I'll get there one of these days, and soon!

Unknown said...

I used to read her blog for years but all of a sudden it became invited people only and I don't know how to get an invite