Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Chicken Fried Bacon is not the only good reason to visit the State Fair of Texas

They also have Fried Beer. [The beer is in a dumpling and not all the alcohol is burned off, so you must be 21 to ride this ride.]

Also, you should go because like all the best other places in Texas, if you have a CHL, you may carry it onto the fairgrounds. I didn't know this until Rabbit commented thusly on my post a few days back about the mayhem at the Iowa State Fair.

I looked this up on the SFOT site:

*squee!* I feel better already. Forget the Fried Beer-- Chicken Fried Bacon, here I come.


Rabbit said...

Yep. Just don't try to go into the Cotton Bowl during a game with your concealed handgun, not that I have any interest in football.

One of my favorite things to do upon approaching the gate is to bypass the line of people waiting to be wanded by the door drone, hold out my CHL and proclaim quietly to him that
"I am a Texas CHL holder and I am legally carrying a concealed weapon". That saves me and my entourage 15 to 30 minutes of standing around and waiting while Sharonda in her little windbreaker that says SECURITY diligently mis-scans everyone and looks through all bags, buckets, and purses. I've even been directed straight through the gate without my admission tickets being inspected on two occasions, not that I would enter without paying my fee.

Thud said...

Fried beer...oh the inventivness of man,sheer heaven.

Old NFO said...

Yep, SFOT is an interesting place :-)

Roscoe said...

American ingenuity.

Pretzels are cooked by boiling before baking so that might explain the choice of the dough. Still, I'll bet the patent will make for interesting reading (and home experimentation).

I once asked Mrs. Roscoe, a former Disney employee, why mayhem never seemed to happen at the Magic Kingdom, and she responded that, anywhere in the Orlando park, you are never more than 15 seconds away from an armed response. The exception was the skyride, and that disappeared after 9/11.

No word on CHL. The Mouse is its own government in Florida -- something Walt set up with the idea that he would be able to build anything, including an international airport or a nuclear reactor if he he wanted to do so (neither left the "crazy idea" phase, but the property does have an unused landing strip for smaller planes which is visible on Google maps).

Lin said...

As Homer Simpson would say "Hmmm, beer!" Now wrap my two favorite carb things together (deep fried batter and beer) and you have one happy camper. Where does that line form?

Holly said...

There's also going to be Fried Chili Frito Pie. AHH, deep fried grease, my favorite food. Of course a side of gravy makes it a little slice of heaven.

Anonymous said...

As a beer lover, I'll cry "nasty."

I may try it, just to say I had, but it still sounds nasty.

Holly describes heartburn, to me. And I like adventurous things, but then, "greasy" was never a color on my favored gastronomic palate.