Saturday, September 04, 2010

In Iowa? Really???

Did you hear about the fights at the Iowa State Fair recently?

From the Smoking Gun:

Cops are examining other reported incidents at the fairgrounds since groups of black juveniles appeared to be singling out white victims.

Well, apparently a police spokeswoman who conceded the attacks may have been racially motivated has been shuffled out of her position as department mouthpiece for having the audacity to say the crimes may have been racially motivated.


No. I'm sure it was entirely random and not at all racially motivated. After all, only white people are capable of racism, right?

For some reason, this reminds me of the We can't talk about that post that Tam pointed out yesterday. Here's to the perpetual buttressing of the Witless Protection Program.


Shannon said...


Rabbit said...

I've noticed things seem to have calmed down along these lines since we got CHL's and can carry at Fair Park during the State Fair. It also gets me up to the front of the line getting through the gate, too.

Mulligan said...

i am so glad i moved out of that state.