Monday, September 27, 2010


Okay, on this video I sound like the biggest dork in the world, but I forgive myself. Just turn the sound down.

Driving home Sunday afternoon I swung the car by Chez Muffin and saw to my dismay that her family was loading their household goods into a trailer. She was there in the back, so Himself and I drove back home (me, sobbing all the way), got some treats for my pocket and walked over to see her again. She's an incredibly sweet, lovely little dog. I filmed this video then with my phone. You can tell she's a little happy to see me, too.

When I posted about her a few weeks back, I scraped up my courage and went by and knocked on the door to Muffin's house. A man opened the door, I introduced myself and said that I loved seeing the little dog when I went for walks and was sorry they were moving. I handed him a card with my cell number and I said if he ever needs a home for her, be it soon or in 5or 10 years, to please call me. He said his daughter would be very upset if the dog went away, but he seemed like a nice guy and at least that made me feel better about who was caretaker for that little darling.

That's all I can do, I suppose. And considering how blessed I am for puppies, this really could have been one of those be-careful-what-you-wish-for things, with a new dog coming in and the grab-bag of behavioral problems they can bring. I just thought Muffin would have been such a good fit with this little menagerie.

I'm happy she's okay and not leaving my life because of a tragedy, but I am really sad she's going. Scratching her ears through the fence was a high spot in our evening walks, and now I'll wonder how she is and if anyone's sweet talking her properly every day.

Such is life, eh?


Jon said...

Well, I hope the little girl realises she is blessed and never neglects Muffin. If she does, hopefully her father will give you a phone call and she can be given a better life.

Tarb said...

Phlegmmy, don't worry about sounding silly in the vid. I think everyone in the world gets a free pass when talking to pets. I'm sure I sound like a total cretin when I'm crooning to cats or dogs! I'm sorry that you'll miss the little dog, but it seems like she's with a good family. And hey, someday you could find another one or two to add to your own menagerie!

Anonymous said...

I get odd looks when I talk to strange dogs pulling their people along. Other folks look happy to see me, since I'm the only "stranger" willing to take the full brunt of doggy love these canines want to bestow on every single person they meet. I'm lucky to live in a very doggy town.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

She is precious! And I am certain she will miss you as much as you will miss her.

Jennifer said...

Such a cutie!!