Friday, September 03, 2010

Yoga Balls Of Fury

Several years ago, I started using a yoga ball at home for my computer chair. It's actually quite comfortable, and that makes it much easier to fritter away internet hours bouncing and giggling. A couple weeks ago I snuck a yoga ball into the office, uninflated and at the end of the day when almost everyone was gone, I did the little hand pump thingie to inflate same. Now on those 12 hour days when the herd starts thinning out at the office and I'm feeling absolutely sick of my chair, I switch to my yoga ball. The puns have been atrocious. Yes, I'm on the ball. Clearly.

Fridays are theme days at work and we have a set of about 10 buttons with little slogans and things like that to help us remember the company's guiding principles. If this were a big corporation, I'd find that pukey, but the company is a decent bunch of wonderful people, and it's hard to feel bitter about that. Anyway, they give a success award once a week and last week I won it [not the first time since my hire, either-- toot your own horn or someone may take the opportunity to use it as a funnel, right?]. Anyway, Friday the HR director came up to me and gave me guff for accidentally pinning on the wrong button that day. I said "Perception is reality. I'm very successful. I need you to perceive that I'm wearing the right button, dear." He laughed in spite of himself. Anyway, it's obviously a good company-- right? I mean, I get to sit on my yoga ball instead of a conventional chair. YAYS!

I love these guys goofing off with yoga balls. Someday they'll be stoved-up old farts and when their grandkids ask them why they move so slow and creaky, well, they can direct said sproglings to this video. For now, though, it's funny.


drjim said...

At least they don't make you wear 37 pieces of flair!
Glad you like the new job. Sounds like a good bunch.

Miz Minka said...

That was fun to watch on a bleedin-too-early Friday morning. :D

I like the idea of sitting on a sproingy yoga ball, but I think it'd be too low for my desk height. :(

Shannon said...

I've always wanted to try a yoga ball at home - I'm just fearful that the dogs will play soccer in the house with it.

Matt G said...

Those boys're having a blast. Damn, I wish I could have had some of those things when I was limber enough to abuse them that way! I thought those boys were going to crack their coconuts a few times.

Christina RN LMT said...

That's a hilarious vid! Thanks for sharing, Phlegmmy! Missed you and Himself last night, hope you're feeling better.

Holly said...

Having a job you enjoy and working with pleasant people is a rarity and a joyous thing.