Tuesday, September 01, 2009

daily commute.

The crispness in the air has been wondrously lovely, of late. The sun made a great blushing show of rising on Monday morning, and I had a great day at work. I kept my energy up, slurped down my iced tea as I answered lots of calls from customers. One lady said very nice things and asked to speak to my supervisor to commend me on a job well done. That was heartening, and I really didn't see it coming. Then I found out that I've advanced through the second of 5 steps. I was surprised, really. You can get used to feeling like you're not doing well at something. The courtesy thing comes naturally. The part I find challenging is the labyrinthine body of info I have to stand at the ready to regurgitate to customers. I'm getting better, but I've had moments I thought I never would. Last week was like a whole week of Mondays. This monday felt more like a Thursday. :P
Would you believe I haven't caught a single fish this year, in a legal sense? One of Tole's kids asked me to hold their fishing pole for a second, and that was the instant a little perch decided to leap on their hook. I harbour no delusions-- I didn't catch that fish. Well, the hunting/fishing license in Texas goes from Sept 1 - Aug 31. Went fishing Monday night and the only bites I got were where the bug spray missed. So there-- my first year with an actual fishing license and I didn't catch a one. *shrug* So they call it fishing and not catching, eh? I get it.


Roscoe said...

Mrs. Roscoe heard this on NPR while driving home today. I thought I would pass it along.


Immi hit Orlando of all places during the promotion tour for her last album. I had to work, but I will keep an eye on her schedule and play hooky next time she's playing within driving distance (we live outside Tampa).

Old NFO said...

Fishing... :-) Glad to hear the job is going better!