Wednesday, September 23, 2009

oddly oriented...

Went to the Big Asian Buffet in town for lunch on Tuesday.

I enjoyed a bit of sushi, though I picked around for pieces containing cooked fish. I adore sushi, but I tend to keep to high-volume places that make sushi or sashimi fresh rather than having it sitting on a buffet. This was a little taste of the good stuff, though. Would have loved some unagi or a marinated salmon spicy pressed sushi. Om nom nom.

I was tickled to find some of the most delectable duck I've had in the Cantonese style, but they marked it "Thailand Chicken."


Wow. I suppose that means calling a duck a duck is a hard sell around these parts? Considering the high ratio of hunters here, this surprises me. Then again, most who've tried duck have prolly had a sad representation of how delectable that bird can be. Pity, that. [If you live near a First Chinese Barbecue in the Austin or Dallas areas, be sure to go there. Get the crispy pork, too. Oh, and imho, the Richardson location is best, though the Plano Coit location will do, also.] Hmm. Now I'm feeling wistful for dim sum. Best stop now. Must get to DFW sometime this Fall for a proper dim sum feed. Om nom nom.
My fortune cookie promised an investment was soon to bear fruit. Hmm. To what investment could they possibly have referred? Shoulda bought a lottery ticket, perhaps?

Was a nice, yummy meal, though. Then when leaving I saw a Chinese year calendar. I never knew we were in the year of the Ox. This one looks a bit girly, but I couldn't help noticing the big swinging cod out front and center of the prognosticular, um, theatre.
Anyhoo, it made me giggle.

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Anonymous said...

Might it have been his, . . . ummm . . .codpiece??

B Woodman