Monday, August 31, 2009


16 days ago on a Saturday morning, I tucked into seriously painting the house. Gallons of paint later, I'm seeing results but far from finished. Sunday night marked three weekends in a row very productively spent.

I'm a little bit attention-deficit-disorder when it comes to working on projects. I work best in a piecemeal and staggered fashion-- I can get bored with prolonged, tedious tasks. To that end, I've painted a bit in several rooms and haven't finished an entire room yet.

I did, however, get new handles for the bathroom cabinet and put the freshly-painted doors back on same. It may seem like a little thing, but it felt like a Big Deal™ to me to be able to say that one thing in this house is finished. This is a typical mid-century house, but I thought the old-styled molded glass handles look pretty in a simple and homey way. I like this look. :)

One challenging thing has been that the summer was so hot until this weekend and I felt enervated by the oppressive heat. A couple weeks back, though, the heat wasn't bothering me so much and I got to work. It's kind of ironic, then, that everything turned so agreeable on Friday since I'd gotten used to the furnace when I'd open to screen doors and window screens to let the paint air out of the house. Saturday's high was about 90, which seems cool compared to the 113 degree temperature of a week before. Stepping out the front door here during windy times often has felt like stepping into a hairdryer.

To my delight, the walls are actually in really great condition here, just in need of a good layer of Kilz and then some fresh paint. Oh, and the ceilings, too. Some new switchplates and a new fixture here and there and this'll be like a whole other animal. It feels good to see progress. More to follow.


Anonymous said...

I was a little cold today. We hit 88, breaking out the sweaters...


Anonymous said...

Wow! Those are such nice glass cabinet handles. from the picture I thought that they were nicely molded plastic.

Did you buy them, or were they original to the house??

Continue to have fun, and good luck
B Woodman

Anonymous said...

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