Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday, Puppy Sunday: That Darn Dane...

I laughed and laughed at this scene from the 60's Disney film "The Ugly Dachshund."

Notice how they set up the wienerdogs to look evil. How could they be naughty with all those warm, fuzzy wrinkles?

Overnight Friday and Saturday in Dallas. Lots of mean, nasty traffic and I'm missing my Furnacle™* and my Chiweenie. It's a terrible thing to be away from one's dogs. Home again Sunday afternoon. :)

See the original trailer here.

*™: fur barnacle.

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Sparrow said...

If only my two evil dachshunds had a big Great Dane to blame their mischief on, but alas, the blame fall squarely on their cute little snouts!