Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The slog, uh, continues.

Well, not so much a slog, really, but I have finished most of the first coat of kilz2 in what will soon be my bedroom. Sometimes it seems like I'm not moving forward very quickly and the whole world smells of Kilz.

Oh, and that ceiling fan/hazard thingie hanging by its wires has to go. I'm standing on a stool for painting the ceiling, which is only 8' high. To think I was lamenting not having a 9' ceiling... Anyway... this is what I've been up to lately. I want things to move forward on the home front so I can have company. I want my sister to come visit and bring her wiener dogs and her kids. It'll be a party. :) And my mom and pop. And Lin. And Christina. And Peter. And Holly and Johnny. And all my friends. One or two at a time, of course. It'll be sweet.

I'm glad I have the hallway finished. That's a good reminder that it's possible to make progress. I recall just a month ago looking at it and thinking I'd never be through. Then again, a house you live in is never really finished, is it? It's just this one had a lot farther to go when I started than one is usually dealing with. I'll be in high SQUEE mode when I have a finished bedroom to show you. Promise not to laugh at my heart-shaped bed with the 70's pimp red velvet tufted headboard, mkay?

Oh, and this is your final shopping day before My Birth Month™. We shall be celebrating all month. Yes, we shall. :) Champers tomorrow night, yes. I think so. Yes. Yes.


Roscoe said...

Okay, your ceiling fan situation is much scarier than the discovery I made about the fan installed in my house's Master by the previous owners.

Anonymous said...

Uh, considering the cost of electricity in Hooterville, you might want to re-think banishing the fan.
Elsewhere PhD

Roscoe said...

Birthmonth? That reminds me:

I hate to put her on the spot, but did Brigid forward the DVD of new "Red Dwarf" I made for US-based friends at Easter?

I'm kinda shy about breaking anonymity due to some legal problems I've had, but I realized you were a fan from a recent post and asked her if she would send the disc when she was done with it.

Home on the Range said...

It's really looking beautiful. Celebrate? Yes you should. You deserve it.

Christina RN LMT said...

Happy BirthMonth, Phlegmmy!!!

And I'll hold you to that invite...;)

Be careful around exposed wirage, don't want to mess up your oh-so-fabulous 'do!

Roberta X said...

There's new Red Dwarf???

That fan: they are not that darned hard to install properly; hanging by the wires is seriously unsafe and prevents usin' the blame thing. If you rent, that's a "gotta fix" for the landlord, not an "otta fix."