Friday, September 18, 2009

Lurching, grinding calliope magic...

Aha is my favorite track from the new Imogen Heap cd. If you like very atmospheric music, then I heartily recommend buying the cd or mp3 with the bonus instrumental tracks. In truth, I popped it into my player and have listened to it more than the verbose version. It's lovely stuff, and it's been marvelous music to paint a house by.

Someone cobbled together this video to Aha.


Anonymous said...

also good to run in woods next to rivers by


Roscoe said...

Thanks again for the heads up about the Immi CD.

A lot of my favorite artists have new material heading into the fall, and it looks like Transsiberian Orchestra has finally finished "Night Castle".

Their only other non-Christmas album, "Beethoven's Last Night" receives frequent play in the car rotation.

Laura said...

i adore Imogen's stuff. i've been resisting since i have MoreImportantThings to buy lately, but i think you've just made me spend money today. :P