Tuesday, August 18, 2009


You can see for miles out here. I snapped this sunset with my phone at the end of a lovely Sunday drive. This picture does not remotely do the scene justice, but it's a teeny approximation of what was a symphony of fiery pinks and cooling blues. I'd been driving for a while among fields of crops and grazing cattle. Beaulah the cow was standing by the road outside the fence where her mates were all grazing. I hollered at her and she began to trot in the other direction.
Work is going nicely other than the general scare of the layoff thingie. I've decided to get on with it, to be in a good mood and do my best anyway. We'll see what happens. Something good happens to me every day, and I've decided to focus on that. Even if there were nothing else, every day I'd remember to be thankful I have my healthy, happy pups. Then there are the walks after dark under a sky traversed by the dust of the Milky Way. Every night's a good night to not miss light pollution. Yes, I have a commute. The sparkling sight of the Dippers and Cassiopaeia is worth the drive, though.

Hatch chiles from New Mexico are in the stores now, and I'm thinking of roasting some in my chimenea in a little roaster basket soon-- have any of you roasted anything in a chimenea before? Last weekend I had the pleasure of sampling Mexican manicotti, which is the creation of one of the charming local bachelors out here. Good stuff.
Life is sweet.


Peter said...

Mexican manicotti? Do they make the pasta out of cactus flour, then? Or is that manana-cotti?


Anonymous said...

A bachlor? Who can cook?

Good company, even if it develops no further.

B Woodman

drjim said...

"Charming local bachelor"....Uh Oh!
Phlegmmy have some new friends?
The picture is beautiful. Reminds me of some of the things I saw when I drove out to L.A. from Chicago.

Jay Noel said...

Beautiful pic.

I am a star-gazer too, and the light pollution really is annoying. Especially with the latest meteor shower.

I need to move to the country.

NotClauswitz said...

Holllowed-out nopales? :-)

Anonymous said...

Did you know that Hollywood actually keeps a file of West Texas sunsets for use in films?

Anonymous said...

Several years ago I took my daughter on a turkey hunt, least that was the excuse, I taught her to shoot a 22 mag revolver I have since given her and we shot a lot, walked a lot, explored and topped the day off by cutting/gathering mesquite and cooking steaks over a homemade grill I had at the lease. After dark set in she kept wondering away from the fire and looking up, finally she came and asked me "where did all those stars come from?".