Friday, December 12, 2008


Okay - this is the kind of geekery that makes me so love the internet.

Did you know that over at you can look up the serial number of a dollar bill to find its universal coolness index? Srsly.

For example, from the UCI Hall of Fame comes this gem with a whopping coolness quotient of 99.77%:

The Hall of Fame number you chose was 44444444.
Congratulations! You have found an extremely cool number! It has a
Universal Coolness Index of 99.77%

44444444 contains an 8-of-a-kind together. Only 0.000010% of 8-digit numbers have this combination.
44444444 has 1 unique digit. In 0.000010% of 8-digit numbers, there is 1 unique digits.
44444444 is a palindrome! Only 0.010% of 8-digit numbers are palindromes.
All of the digits in 44444444 are powers of 2. Only 0.070% of 8-digit numbers have this property.
All of the digits in 44444444 are even! Only 0.39% of 8-digit numbers have this property.


alan said...

The one in my wallet was only:

The number you entered was 67155002.

This number is almost cool. It has a Universal Coolness Index of 75.1%

That is the story of my life: Almost Cool


phlegmfatale said...

Sigboy said: I never thought to cool factor my money, I always spend it to fast to look at the serial numbers. (I erased it without hitting publish)

alan - You're so cool the money comes to you to up its cred. :)

Sigboy - it's funny, isn't it - you usually don't think about that stuff...

KurtP said...

As far as the coolness factor of money, the more of it in my wallet the cooler I feel.

JPG said...

Humpf - -
I think the 444 . . . bill is MOST kewel because it's a hundred. I feel good when I can keep a few twenties in my wallet for more than a couple of days. And, and, I had a fifty for a while last month.