Monday, December 08, 2008


I'm about to send in my app for my chl. Larry Bartek told our class we all should be meticulous in the presentation of materials in the packet we must send in. He said you don't want to give the paper shuffler any reason to reject your application, because it may make the process take even longer or result in you not being granted your license altogether.

This got me to thinking.

I put my packet together this weekend and slipped the check in. Then I suddenly was given to wonder if the printed decoration on my check might result in a rejection of my application because they may conclude I'm barking mad. Think about it this way: some $5 an hour public employee paper shuffler is more than likely one of Obama's athletic supporters, and may be disinclined to look favorably upon this process from the git-go.

To wit, here is the check company's display image of my checks:

The artist is Shag and the picture is called Wives with Knives. A bunch of shriners are sitting around drinking cocktails whilst watching a too-many-armed blue hoochie mama dancer who has bombs in each hand and their wives are at the door with knives obviously upset that their men are having a good time looking at some lady with a better hairdo. One might conclude wimmins is violent, or something.

The big question: Should I go ahead and send it in as written with my check, or should I get a cashier's check just to be sure? Like I said, I don't want my arty pretensions to shoot me in the foot, here.


Attila the Mom said...

Well yikes. Now that's a unique question.

No clue.

Towanda said...

I think I would find another way to make the payment. I am a chicken about things like that, as well as never knowing how the government is likely to react to anything.

I do love the check though!!! LOL

Joe Allen said...

I love those checks, but I would do the cashier's check or MO just because that's typically what I use for all .gov interaction.

I think all of my CCW permits (FL, VA, MO) specifically requested cashier's check or MO.

Oh, and congats on the CHL!

CyberPete said...

I don't know. Likely I'd probably find a plain and boring cheque. I just love how your banks have many different designs.

In Denmark we don't use cheques that much anymore. I can't remember the last time I had any. We do have customized credit cards though.

Greybeard said...

We're talking about your everyday, plain vanilla government employee, right?
Your worries are unfounded, girl. Most of these folks read at the 8th grade level... if we're lucky.
They won't even notice the background on the check.

MiniKat said...

Greybeard has a very valid point. By for the sake of cya, I would get a MO or cashier's check.

phlegmfatale said...

atm - thanks!

Towanda - They're cute, aren't they?

Joe - CC or MO is probably wise, anyway

CyberPete - Yeah, I think I'll err on the side of caution. No banks offer these particular checks. Many people who want custom checks here order them from a company which prints them with the magnetic strip of ink for the letters on the bottom. I got this from a company which is affiliated with several off-beat artists with less mainstream designs.

Greybeard - Good point.

alan said...

Don't worry about it. Texas is "Shall Issue" so the person processing the application has no say in approving it or not.

I doubt they see the check anyway.

Buck said...

I agree with Greybeard... all our good public servants will look at is the date, "pay to the order of," amount, and signature. But a money order ain't a BAD ideer.

The Mistress said...

A bunch of shriners are sitting around drinking cocktails whilst watching a too-many-armed blue hoochie mama dancer who has bombs in each hand and their wives are at the door with knives obviously upset that their men are having a good time looking at some lady with a better hairdo.

Sounds like a typical night out to me.

Oh hello CyberPoof.

phlegmfatale said...

alan - That has a nice ring to it: "shall issue."

Buck - good points

MJ - It's a wonderful life, eh?

Old Knudsen said...

What a strange cheque they still use such things in Texas huh? I use direct debit I bump into people and extract funds from their pockets.

Rabbit said...

I always send a cashier's check.

On the other hand, one of my accounts I don't even have checks for.

Oh, make sure the person who takes your fingerprints signs the back of your photo that you're sending along. I was delayed because I overlooked that on my last renewal.


Tickersoid said...

Like everyone else, I'd go for the plain option. Having said that, I suspect the more colourful cheque would be OK.

Liz said...

Y'know, I've always thought that the phrase "ROFLMAO!" was largely theoretical. However, this entry has proven me wrong. Well, I still have my ass, but I did complete the rolling on the floor part and believe me, if laughing hard would have made my ass fall off, I could get into those cute jeans from a few years ago!

Anonymous said...

Best to err on the side of being cautious: money order or cashier's check.

Unknown said...

What's the application for? If it's something that's not that subjective and the employees are merely just making sure you sent your money in, I'd just use your check. If someone is actually making some decision about you and whether you're qualified to do something, then I'd do the money order or cashier's check. Fortunately in WA, you can pay almost everything government-related online.

Kevin said...

Look at the directions for the packet. If they say CC MO or check, then go with a CC or MO as you may be delayed a bit while the check clears. Archaic? yes. bu most official functions in PA prefer CC or MO and will drag their feet when given checks.

HollyB said...

The gov't clerks who process the checks have no say in the approval process. If your fingerprints pass the criminal background test, and the check're approved.
OTOH, a CC or MO would probably speed the process up.

Bob S. said...

Pay it online:

You can print a receipt, makes processing faster, etc.

Keep track of the license number and the pin number, then you can track the progress of your application online at the same site.

phlegmfatale said...

Old Knudson - quite quaint, really - we still use paper money, as well.

Rabbit - used a postal Money order, in the end...

Tickersoid - I suppose it would have been okay. :)

Liz - ah, but are you laughing with me or at me? Glad you got a giggle, in any case

Maven - that's what I did, finally -money order

becky - chl - concealed handgun license. it has to be submitted in concert with photos, fingerprints and scads of paperwork, so it must be mailed

Kevin - they take all of the above

Hols - Okay - did a MO after all. Sent it today expressmail and it'll be delivered by 11am tomorrow

Bob S - well, NOW ya tell me! I just sent it in the mail. Sounds like an excellent tracking system!