Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Monday night Hols and I went to see a Texas songwriters' showcase at House of Blues. It was so cold and nasty out, yet there was an impressive turnout in the audience for the show.

The first set included Max Stalling, Trent Willmon and Paul Overstreet. All these guys were fantastic. It was also very nice to see a live show with just acoustic guitars and no percussion or entrail-jarring bass. They played their set tag-team style, each musician taking his turn, with the others playing along on guitar occasionally. I have to say Trent Willmon is a remarkable guitarist. All were clever and entertaining. Max came by the table to hug Holly when I was away in the powder room.

The second set included Ray Wylie Hubbard, a genuine Texas character (who I first saw about 22 years ago at the Old Town Music Hall which was located at 2111 Commerce Street), Roger Creager who sang a fabulous song called "I got the guns" and Willie Braun of Reckless Kelly. It was a fabulous show.

All the singers varied between jubilant silliness and love-gone-wrong type stuff. Lots of laughs. Paul Overstreet-- who's written some huge hits-- delighted the audience with golden chestnuts from his musical canon such as "I think she only likes me for my Willie" (of course this was a reference to his Willie Nelson impersonation which was, indeed, impressive, and chock-full of manifold-entendre) and "It takes a lot of liquor to like her, but when I'm liquored up I like her just fine." Yeah, you can tell it was quality stuff, right?

Anyhoo - from the same twisted psyche that wrought those gilded nuggets sprang this lovely song, which Paul Overstreet sang at the conclusion of the first set.

It was a very nice evening. Thanks for coming with, Hols.


DBA Dude said...

Glad you gals had a grand time.

The "video is no longer available" so you will need to source another version.

phlegmfatale said...

Strange. The video worked just now. Let me know if it disappears again. Mebbe YouTube was having a hiccup or something.

DBA Dude said...

Still not working, must be a "only works in North America" thang.

Buck said...

Reloading the page always works for me when I get the "vid no longer available" thingie.

Thanks for this, Phlegmmy. "Texas Music" is one of the MOST under-rated genres there are, IMHO. What a great night out this must have been! I'm absolutely, positively GREEN...

DBA Dude said...

Working now - and well worth the wait to hear it - cool sounds!