Friday, August 22, 2008

Thursday I finally got out to the the cinema to see Mongol, a Russian film about Genghis Khan. It was at times ponderous and in love with itself, I think, but it was otherwise a visual feast. The textiles and ornaments of the costumes were spectacular and that's enough to keep me happy in even a bad film, so I'm no good judge, I suppose.

Yeah, Genghie was a brutal beast, but it was for a good reason, and after all, he was sort of our lovable, brutal beast, so that kind of made it all okay. He was a bringer of light, if you will-- he was just misunderstood.

And wow-- I went to the 5pm showing and admission was $10. Lawks!


Peter said...

I've heard about this from reports in the overseas press. How was the film, overall? I think this goes on my DVD's-to-buy list.

Buck said...

DVD would be my only opportunity to see this, as there's not a snowball's chance in Hades the film will come to P-Ville. Apropos of nothing... It looks like Bodrov hired a whole helluva lot of extras!

Aren't Russian movies famous for being rather thick and inaccessible?

NotClauswitz said...

Thick and inaccessible probably due to their thick and inaccessible history - just Googling him/them results in some bizarre and very unfamiliar and nearly impenetrable historic discussions and non-Wester peoples, from Mamelukes to Mandarins to the Ayyubid Dynasty and the fall of the Kievan Principate...Sheesh!