Sunday, August 03, 2008

I've had the puppy for two weeks now, and it's been great.
She's growing so fast and she's more active every day. I'm really lucky to be able to take her to work with me, though, so she doesn't have a lot of time in isolation.

I still miss Valentine, too, and I think of her every day, but it's been great to have my heart warmed by this furry little dynamo. There are similarities and there are some fun contrasts, too, but I suppose it's too soon to say they are even that different from one another. Praline is not quite at the age yet that Valentine was when I got her, and she was one of a litter, whereas Miss Praline was a one-off and had no siblings, so she was very much hand-raised from the git-go. Valentine, while warm and cuddly, had a devil-may-care aloof quality which is the opposite of Praline. This may simply be a puppy thing, but outdoors or in strange places, Praline definitely doesn't want me out of her sight. Considering what escape artists this breed usually produces, I'm hoping that's a trait which continues as my girl grows up.

It's funny to me now that I had the thought of going 6 months or longer without a dog. I don't ever want to live in a house without a dog, again. :)


Christina RN LMT said...

I can't imagine life anymore without my four-footed, furry family members.
I'm so glad that Praline is helping you work through your grief.

HollyB said...

And this is why I have an almost 8 y.o. Boo Baby Bear and the 18 month old Kobe Beef Tip Baby. Two very different dogs, physically and tempermentally, don't you think?
I never intend to be without a dawg again, either. The only thing I already know about my NEXT dawg is it will be a Rescue Dawg.

The joy these creatures bring to our lives, whether they enter as puppies, young dawgs or at some other stage in their life, is immeasurable. The times I haven't been able to have a canine companion have been some of the loneliest times of my life.
I understand your joy of raising a puppy from a young age. They are such a delight so that you overlook and forgive the challenges.

breda said...

Best cure for a broken heart is even more love!

Love the pink collar. It's definitely her color.

Ann diPomazio said...

I am so happy for both you and Praline.

I can recall a very lonely year and a half or so of my life that I spent dogless. I wont let that happen ever again. Words can't even describe how I have felt about each of my dogs.

Chris and I are in the process of adopting a new pup this week. It will be the first time he has had a dog of his very own. So fun! I will post a pick on my blog.

Kelly said...

I couldn't imagine ever living without a pet. Wouldn't ever want to! There's just something about furry companionship.

phlegmfatale said...

christine - thanks - she's been a real tonic!

hollyb - Agreed about the joy versus the pain-in-the-ass factor of puppies. :)

breda - True dat, honey! Yes, she's definitely a girl for pink. :)

rocket girl - Can't wait to meet your new little rascal, and I'm happy for Chris, too. He's going to love it! Plus, y'all need a dog for that fabulous yard of yours!

kelly - Yes, here's to the fur-bearin' critters in our homes!

Anonymous said...

Teh Praline is teh most sugah sweet thing I've seen in some time!!! My Bella (german shepherd) wears pink, too. Of COURSE we have fashion forward dogs!!!

Turk Turon said...

What an irresistible pup!

Zelda said...

She is so cute. I'm glad you have her.

Attila the Mom said...

Oh, what a little pook!

Kevin said...

My wife felt the same way right after Spartacus died - she said she didn't want another dog right now. I kinda blew that off and started looking - found a breeder nearby and we went to check out the pups. She was smitten right away - we visited every weekend until she was old enough to come home - which she did yesterday! My wife was so excited. We'll never forget Sparty, but there's plenty of love for the new one I'm sure.

Unknown said...

Oh how cute Praline is and I love the name! I wish our dogs could live with us for a longer period of time, but I'm glad that you have her to keep you company.