Saturday, August 30, 2008

Just in case my ISP won't work on Saturday, I've pre-loaded a picture for everyone's enjoyment. This was on a ladies' meeting at the range where I shoot. This, in honor of strong, hot women who shoot, including the next Vice President.

Now, I wouldn't shoot that bare, I don't think. Having been hit by hot brass a couple times, I want to shield all my tender vittles from the stings and furrows of outrageous misfortunes. Then again, I suppose it's easier just to peel molten bits off your hide as it's melting in, rather than have to pull off a garment and THEN peel it off. Still, she looks amazing.


tickersoid said...

Works for me. said...

Now that's down right sexy!

Can't wait for press conferences with our new VP!

phlegmfatale said...

THUD said "A beautiful woman and a truly beautiful moment....I'm so happy!"

dunno why it didn't show up when I moderated it - maybe I hit "reject" instead of publish. Anyhoo - Thud, sorry, and yes, she's a gorgeous woman. Loved that I caught the casing flying through the air. Glad to bring you a little sunshine.

SpeakerTweaker said...

That is a fantastic picture, for more reasons than just the shooter:)

There's nothing unattractive about a woman with a 1911. Ever.

Enjoy your weekend!


Anonymous said...

AND she's got the extended capacity single-stack magazine.

Home on the Range said...

Nice magazine! I agree on the attire, That brass is HOT, which is why I don't wear "look at me!" attire when I'm shooting But if wasn't redheaded marshmallow white all over (I don't tan, not even if I try) I might be tempted.

Great shot!

Anonymous said...

She a friend of yours?

Mauser*Girl said...

Everything is relative.

I have shot wearing a long-sleeve Under Armor shirt and had the brass go at just such an angle to get into the neck of the shirt at my back and make it halfway down to my waist. Yeesh.

On the other hand, having shot in flip flops and a tank top, hot brass missed me.

I guess you either get lucky or you don't. Or, third option, it sticks to something not clothed. Like your HEAD.