Tuesday, August 26, 2008

There's a whole lot going on here in this story. An Iraqi 15 year old would-have-been suicide bomber gave herself up. Yeah, there's a lot to sort out in this tale, but I think there's more than a little significance to the fact that her mother-in-law strapped this stuff on her. It's interesting how in this oppressive culture the women act to keep the other women in line, or even to destroy same. Misery loves company, I suppose.

It reminds me of the story of how crab traps work. The trap is basically a box with an open hole at the top. The bait is held in the bottom of the trap, and most of the crabs are too profoundly stupid to ever sort out that they can just crawl right back out the way they came in. For the rare crab that DOES work out how to escape, the other crabs will grab it as it makes its bid for freedom and will pull it back into the trap and destined for a swan song on a porcelain platter. Nasty lot, that.

15 years old. That's just a baby, really. I hope someone well away from that hellish culture will help her salvage any possible remnants of her youth and give her a stab at a decent life of her own choosing. You think they'd let me adopt her?

LOVE the yellow bra, by the way. I hate that humilation had to be heaped upon the scorn of being a sacrificial lamb. Damn anyone who would strap explosives to a child. They deserve same, and against their will, at that.


none said...

They had to drug her too...that just shows it has nothing to do with allah but rather a sick pervasive evil.

Thud said...

We in the west have to accept that there are bad people who we share space with...these bad people are swhunned and when caught they are rightly punished.In the middle east the whole of society seems deathly sick...the depths of evil are tested with regularity and nobody seems to recognise the grip that death holds over the fate of all....how to fix?...beyond me.

Buck said...

I couldn't get the link to come up... it just kept loading and loading and loading... But, that said, I get the drift from your synopsis, Phlegmmy. We see too many of these stories. Way too many.

Sometimes I half-seriously believe the "sheet o' glass" solution is the best and only hope for that part of the world. And there IS a precedent, of sorts. Think: Sodom and Gomorrah.

g bro said...

Beautiful dress, though.

J.R.Shirley said...

Poor child. At least she lived. Hopefully she won't be raped by the police.

NotClauswitz said...

In that culture and much of the East (like the Indian sub-continent) sons are raised as little do-no-wrong Princes, and are total mama's boys.
When they marry (which is arraigned) the bride has to bring a dowry(!), literally to prove her worth (nowdays a dowry includes such prosaic and short-term value items as TV's, VCR's and stereo systems), and move in with The Boy/Prince's family who treat here as the newest toilet-cleaner and slave - and any indignity visited by her on the family results in physical abuse. It's an ass-backwards culture.