Thursday, August 28, 2008

I am SO going to the Texas State Fair this year (which starts September 26 - thanks for correcting me, John Wiley Price- I'm obviously running for the barn and trying to end this year early!).

They've announced the list of fried foods that will be unveiled on the midway. Among them:

Chicken Fried Bacon.

I don't know about the Texas fried jellybeans, though. (yuck)


breda said...

I would have a meal of chicken fried bacon, followed by a dessert of that deep fried pineapple thing.

SpeakerTweaker said...

*may i take your order?*

Yes, I'll have a fried grilled cheese with onion, two orders of chicken fried bacon, some fried dark chocolate truffles, a large Dr. Pepper, and a portable defibrillator please.


phlegmfatale said...

breda - I think I'll have the chicken fried bacon entree with a chicken fried bacon chaser, concluding with a lovely little dessert of chicken fried bacon. *om nom nom*

speakertweaker - ah, but what a way to go. Ya gotta die of something. Battered deep-fried pork products seem as good a reason as any, to me. *om nom nom*

DBA Dude said...

What, no deep fried Mars Bars? or as you might call them over there Milky Ways!

Home on the Range said...

I'd never had deep fried pickles until I lived in the South for a few years. Actually quite good if fresh and hot.

The chicken fried bacon? I've yet to meet bacon I didn't like.

My doctor was all worried as I like bacon a LOT. . and cheese . and beef. . and did a formal cholestorol check.

It was 105.

I think she was mad it was low. She couldn't lecture me.

Anonymous said...

That would be the fair for the white folk, I guess. The real one for EVERY SINGLE MEMBER OF THE HUMAN RACE starts at the end of September, and then the rains come.

phlegmfatale said...

dba dude - I thought Milky Way and Mars were two completely different candy bars. I hate them both room temp, and can't imagine how even double-barreled glories of batter and deep-fry will improve them. Well, maybe with ice cream. Vanilla, that.

brigid - here's to the ultimate neener-neener-neener moment!

john wiley price - how nice of you to weigh in, sir, but you mystify me as to your meaning.

Anonymous said...

The State Fair is open daily, September 26 - October 19.

That be NOT tomorrow.

phlegmfatale said...

john wiley price - Hyuk! Looks like I have egg-batter on my face! Thanks for the correction. I was thinking it felt a little early for the fair, just yet!

But the white folk reference-- what was that? Will they batter and deep-fry crackers at this year's event?

Rabbit said...

but...but...but...will there be gravy for the bacon?

we must haves the gravies for the precious bacons!