Thursday, August 22, 2013


I started the day expecting to get through it with flying colors, kicking ass and taking names. I got all gussied up, makeup, dress, the whole bit. I was in a great mood. 

After about an hour at work, my eyes were feeling a little gritty, irritated. Hmm. I'm not having an allergy... By noon, my eyes were streaming constantly. Went to my boss and told him I was having a problem. Kept working through bleary eyes.  Ball of goo in one eye. This isn't good. Went to lunch at 1 and told the other boss I needed to leave. He asked if I was going to the dr, and I said I was going to try to get in to see one, and he said to bring a Note from the dr. 

Mind you, I maybe have called in sick one or two days a year-- rarely. Other people call in sick 2 or 3 times a month and have emergency absences left and right.  I was offended by this instruction. I asked why he'd need a note (my eyes were CLEARLY fuctup) and he said "to see what's wrong with you."

Hippa, much??? None of his business. 

Any the hoo, I have pinkeye. High grode factor on this stuff. Oh, and I can't go to work tomorrow, either, because I'll still be contagious. Yes: I am a vector of disease. 

This throws a wrench in all the big plans I had for the next several days. At least it'll be done with by the time I'm in school on Monday. 

Monday! Yay! Monday begins a whole new chapter. *excited!*


Gaffer said...

You have my sympathy...take care of yourself and get well soon.

Jennifer said...

Ugh. No fun at all. Makes my eyes itch to even think about.

aepilot_jim said...

Hello Patient Zero of the coming PinkEyePocalypse!

charlotte g said...

Got that too. Don't know if you wear contacts. I do. I tried to clean the cases and start over with new contacts: got it again. Finally I threw everything away, started over with a new kit and new contacts. calafragelistic.
I love the short time it takes to clear.

Old NFO said...

The real question is, where did you come in contact with the Zero patient??? Get better soon!

Windy Wilson said...

You should have come back to work and sat in the chair of the HIPPA-violating boss and said, "I have pinkeye and it's very contagious." This is as offensive as the forbidden questions in job interviews.
I though the demand for a doctors note was a lead in to the joke about the man with 30 years perfect attendance who falls down a flight of stairs in the subway and is two hours late for work, and the boss asks, "It took two hours to crawl up the stairs?

Mark/GreyLocke said...

HAd that happen to me many years ago. Got up to go to work, couldn't see out of my eye, wasn't even going to try driving. Called my manager and he had me go to DR get note yadda yadda yadda. First time in 5 years I actually used any of my sick days. But the boss thought I did it on purpose.

Found out later I got it from his daughter who I babysat for a day.

I hope you get better quickly, and I hope they gave you the good eye drops. The not so good eye drops make my eye's at least feel like somebody poured sand in my eyes.