Friday, August 16, 2013

Ducks, lining up.

I've yet to purchase my textbooks for my classes, but I'm otherwise somewhat ready for the beginning of school a week from Monday.

Cleaning and organizing a bit at home today on this last day of my last paid vacation for probably a couple of years (going part time in a week!).  Going to do a fair bit of canning, too.  Lovely, freakishly cool and rainy day.  Normally in mid-August, the mercury would be creeping up to 100 by this time of day, but instead, it's a glorious 66 degrees.  THIS is my kind of weather. Beautiful.
Crappy thing to follow, though, will be mosquito trucks and a non-crispy lawn that actually needs mowing.  There had to be a down-side. :)  I'll take it, though.

Canning some stuff today and I'll give you a report on that later. Hoping it will work out well. :)


Old NFO said...

GO do and enjoy the down time! :-)

Spikessib said...

Don't know where you get your textbooks, but one of my colleagues says he has managed to save about $40 per by ordering through Tim says that even witht he shipping it worked out to huge savings and they were all delivered within a week.