Saturday, August 10, 2013

This story really got to me:

The ever-gallant Old NFO has posted a story about a couple of cops who did a very good deed.  Go check out his post and read the link

My Dad and Mom are people like that-- they actively help people who they see struggling.  All my life I've seen them take people under their wings, help them out.  One of my favorite stories about Dad was one brutally hot summer day, a man came to the shop needing car repairs, and on the list was topping off the coolant for the air-conditioner.  The car was old and shabby, and in the passenger seat was a downcast young mother, two dirty little kids were in the backseat, unkempt and red-faced in the heat.  Dad gave the man the quote for repairs, and he told Dad just to do the vital things to keep the car running, and not to bother with the coolant.  The woman and children sat quietly in the car during the entire repair.  This bothered my Dad.  He went about his business efficiently, not discussing his actions with the man.  When the repairs were completed, Dad started up the car and he told the man to meet him in the office to collect payment where he would charge the man the prearranged amount to keep the car running.  When the man was out of sight, Dad reached in to the dash and flipped the switch on the AC, and the glorious balm that is conditioned air began to pour out of the vent.  Dad said the look of surprise and then gratitude on the woman's face was more than enough payment for whatever he put into it, and he hated to see those little kids in such misery.  It cost him something to do that, yet he had the instinct to do a kindness to which he was not obliged.  I think in his mind, though, he didn't see this as an optional act.  Sometimes, when you want the world to be a better place, you have to take action to make it better for someone else.

I have countless such stories of both my parents' selfless acts.  They are absolutely golden.

You never know how a kind act can turn a person's life around, either.  These two men are going to inspire a lot of people to go a little above and beyond when an opportunity arises to do a person a kindness.  And if you think about it, it's even more startling to see such generosity in someone who works in Law Enforcement, because they are daily bombarded with the very worst that society has to offer.  No one ever calls 911 to say what a wonderful, peaceful day they are having. We are in their debt, and yet, they look for ways to help when they can.  It's nice to know the world is still turning out folks like that.

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Steve said...

Pity K-Mart wouldn't drop the charges.