Sunday, August 11, 2013

Final tomorrow.

Finished up my studying/reading early in the day, and then did a full review of my work on the material for the test.  I'll read through it all again tomorrow morning.

Subject is DNA/RNA viruses.  Amazing how many have direer as a primary symptom, and with most of them, it's a safe bet to remember they are caused by poor personal hygiene and consuming contaminated water/food.    Pathways for contracting these delightments include fecal-oral.  That sentence included two words I wish didn't happen in a sentence together.  I'll let you figure out which two.  Yuck.

 Vector-borne pathogens are a little easier to remember because they seem a little more distinctive.  This is all incredibly interesting.  I've crammed a lot of learning into a short amount of time, but I wish I could read more slowly, really take it in at a more deliberate pace to chew it all over and digest it.  Needs must.  It is how it had to be.  This is certainly among the text books I'll be keeping for future reference, though.  11 hours from now, this class will be done.   *relief*


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God luck, young lady!

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Go forth and do good! :-)