Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Shifting gears

What a privilege it is to be back in school full-time.

What is strange has been that the primary thing has by necessity been full-time work with two courses on the side.  This has been the mode since January of 2011, so the shift to full-time school with part-time work is head-spinning. 

I learned a valuable lesson with Microbiology. I was very lucky that after a rocky start (with a failing grade on my first exam) I managed to earn a B anyway.  At least in a longer semester, even with a faux pas at the beginning, you've got some time to get your legs back under yourself, but I really don't want that.  I want to sail into the end of the semester with an obvious, no-brainer of an A.

I expect first class was a great eye-opener for the younger students.  Clinicals start in January, but I didn't realize I'd have to get scrubs and the whole nine yards for this semester's lab.  Good times. *groan*  At least the school color is a flattering color for me.  I have an hour break in between clinicals and my next class, so I WILL be changing into civilian garb afterward for the sake of sanity.

I may blog more frequently this semester, as I'll have more odd moments here and there. and I'll have to take time to unfocus from intense study occasionally.  But for now, it's nose-to-the-grindstone. School IS my job, and I'm happy in my work.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I admit to feeling a pang of jealousy about your return to full-time school (as I do every year around this time). I am certain that you will be top of your class! (You always were...)

phlegmfatale said...

Aw, shucks, Barbara! It's weird. It's definitely a golden moment for me, because I think this is likely my final time to start something at university in my life, so it's something of an academic swan song. I do have Jethro Bodine Syndrome, thought, so you never know what wild hair I'll get and have another miraculous and exciting career change. I may become a Double-nought spy yet!

Unknown said...

Better clear that with Jed Clampett and Himself, first....good luck!