Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Made a B in Microbiology...

...which was an anodyne to my water heater going splodey at the house before I left for the test yesterday morning.   Fortunately, it was gushing from the top and I was able to shut the water off before more than a gallon or two had splattered to the floor.  Himself gallantly came riding in on his trusty steed to manage the fallout as I ran off for the test. 

That water heater's days have been numbered for a great long while, and replacing it was inevitable. I'm thankful I happened to be home when it pulled a gusher-- that could have been a scary mess with water on the floor and the puppies running around, and the water heater is very close to big electrical appliances. *shudder*  So thankful something bad didn't happen. :)   Don't get me wrong: I like my house and the stuff I have, but they're making more stuff every day. My pups' well-being is the only thing under this roof that matters to preserve, at the end of the day.  So people/puppies  + safe = all's well.

I came home after the test, regrouped and made it in to work a little early. Met Himself after work at Home Despot for the new WH and he and Tolewyn heroically installed the infernal thing.  Guess what? The new one is noticeably better than the old one.  Yays. 

I was already solid for a B in the class, and I didn't score highly enough on the exam to kick it up to an A, but I'm happy with a B.  I feel I deserved that and I am content.

OH! I'm on vacation for the rest of this week, and I've been a big goof-off so far today. Watched a French film from the 70s, and a doctor tells a person they have "severe treponema."  I had a microbiology moment when I knew, instantly that broad has syphilis.  Yeah. It was one of those types of movies because: French.  Anyway.  She looked so pretty and healthy.  Who woulda thunk it?  Anyway, see how useful Microbiology can be???

And can B.  WOO HOO!


Buck said...

Grats on the grade... and grats on the timely explosion o' the water heater and subsequent clean-up.

You lead a blessed life, Phlegmmy.

drjim said...

Well done!

Old NFO said...

Well done Lady... And it's nice to have a 'handy' man or two near isn't it! ;-D

Anonymous said...

Good job!


Jennifer said...

Good job!
Luckily our water heater is mounted in a cabinet above the washing machine. When it decided it would no longer hold water, it drained into the open washing machine. Unluckily it had to be wrangled out and a new one wrangled into the cabinet above the washing machine.

Matt G said...

"Guess what? The new one is noticeably better than the old one."

In more than one way!!! :)

You will need good hot water for speedy showers, what with all that nursin' stuff you're fi'nta be doing.

Water heaters (I can't help but call them "hot water heaters," but why would you need to heat hot water?) are one of those costs of doing bidness, and I'm really glad that the damage was no worse than it was. Hmmm... now I'm wondering how long I should push it before swapping out my house WH, prophylacticly?