Wednesday, July 03, 2013

A fit of resolute industry tinged with a wash of sadness.

On my porch is a piece of teddy bear cactus skeleton that I bought at a wonderful shop called Brand New Dead Things in Yarnell, Arizona, where 19 young firefighters perished this week. 

These firefighters were from Prescott, where my jewelry used to be sold in a lovely gallery. 

It may seem incredibly peripheral and oblique, but it feels like a connection, and their deaths sadden me tremendously. I'll work on, as I never feel I've done enough, but my day is darkened by the knowledge of their deaths.  

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Kristophr said...

Dangerous crowning wildfires are what you get when you spend a hundred years preventing wildfires, and then refuse to remove the extra fuel via logging.

Those deaths can be laid at the feet of the stupid tree-huggers.