Monday, July 29, 2013

It's a jungle in there!

Loving everything I'm studying in Microbiology. It's endlessly fascinating, but I'm worn plumb out.  Glad I've only got two more weeks of this.  Made an 87 on my Lab mid-term (YAY!) and 3 points I missed where out of sheer inattentiveness on my part (BOO!), but overall, it is an encouraging upward trend.   Test today went rather well, I think. I expect I passed it.  Fingers crossed, anyway.

Just finished a huge chapter on Protozoans.  Here's a protozoan pseudopodding its slimy way across the field of view.  Amazing what entire wee little funky universes these things are in miniature.  Awe-inspiring.

On second viewing, I'm wondering about the little varmint in the upper right hand corner with the spinny propeller thingie. 

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Old NFO said...

Dunno, 'you' are the expert not me, but it DOES look like a little helo :-)