Tuesday, July 16, 2013

amazing Amaretto Cherry recipe

By popular demand, Here is the marvelous recipe I used for canning my cherries.  BTW, I miscalculated the amaretto and put double in the jar than was called-for, and I regret it nary a whit. 

Oh, now that I'm looking at these, I realize I kind of hybridized a group of recipes.

They are:

I took 7 cups of cherries, I made double the recommended simple syrup recipe and I did a cold back. I did a fair wodge of lemon hide in the jar, and I'm going to be putting more of that it, because it's good for nibbling, believe it or not.  I didn't use the vanilla beans at all, but I can imagine they would be an enhancement. 
I cold-packed the cherries into hot, sterile jars. Poured one or two ladles of hot syrup into the jar, then dumped in a couple ounces of amaretto, then filled the jar with syrup to the 1/2" mark. Ran a chop-stick around inside the jars to release air bubbles, cleaned the rims, of course, then sealed the jars and processed in a boiling water bath for about 10 or 15 minutes-- I forget.

Also, I used Rainier cherries.  I haven't tasted the amaretto Bings yet, but I'll give a full report.  Planning to do a new batch on Wednesday night.

I'm actually thinking of doing an amaretto cherry smash version, whith squished-up cherries floating in amaretto syrup. Will be good dumped on ice cream.

Also, when I did the second batch with rum, which I hot-packed, I made double the called-for volume of simple syrup so I'd have extra.  Now I have 3 extra jars of cherry rum syrup for drinks or flavoring in glazes or whatever.  See how clever I am? :)

Anyway, if any of you try these recipes, I'll expect a full report. In fact. If you do, send me a photo of your canned cherries and I'll add them to this post.  I'm just thinking wistfully of how wonderful it will be to crack into some of these babies at Christmas time, yeah?

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