Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday, Puppy Sunday: cuddly Chuy

Chuy is a world-class snuggler. The girls are more prone to bounce out of bed and take on that day, but Chuy will hang out and laze with mommy for as long as I'm willing. I've been so busy that there's been a dearth of that. Today they went outside and got food at the usual times, but we went back to bed for a lie-in. Nice to sleep later than usual for a change. 

Now, to take on that day. I have some canning to do!


Vinogirl said...

That looks like one little, cuddly poochie :)

Old NFO said...

Cute pic, and he's the smart one... :-)

aepilot_jim said...

He's such a pervwienie