Saturday, July 20, 2013

Happy late birthday to my lovely Papa

Yesterday was Dad's birthday, and both my siblings came to my folks' house. I got to meet my great-nephew for the first time, and he is all lovely baby-softness as one would expect. There was much talk and laughter, and I think Dad enjoyed his day.  I can tell it is gratifying for both my folks to see how wonderfully well all their children get on together. 

Great-nephew ate watermelon in the bathtub, then demanded that the tub be filled with water. Peals of laughter and squeals issued forth as he had his first full-sized tub bath. Cuteness meters pegged. 

Oh, and I ate corn off the cob effectively for the first time in my life. Used to, (pre-surgery) cob-nomming events resulted in a happy-trail of un- or barely-molested corn kernels down the length of the vegetable. Now I can get actual corn wedged in between my teeth like a normal person. Yay!

Earlier in the day, went to a lovely Japanese market in Plano with my lovely niece, where we found her some calligraphy supplies and a set of chopsticks with a case. She is a manga fan, and we picked up a few foods that she'd read about in those comics. Had a generally lovely time and my orthodontist told me I only have to wear my retainers around the click for 4 more months. The bit will be only at night for a year, and then 3 or 4 nights a week for the rest of my life ( or as long as I still care about my teeth being lined up for a proper bite).

Home to meh puppehs tomorrow. Lots of studying for test #1 in Micro Monday v


charlotte g said...

You are so blessed to have living, cognizant, loving parents. They are treasures, and you are blessed.

Old NFO said...

Congrats to him, and many more!!!