Monday, July 08, 2013

Nerd alert: went to Microbiology class early.

Two days early. 

Yes, there I was with a bow in my hair and my nice shiny shoes that match my satchel, my polyester stripey top with matching pants from Sears, and it was 11 minutes until class and I wondered why it was so easy to park and why the classroom wasn't open yet yada yada yada and why I was the only one waiting to get in. This is at strident odds with the me of 1-12 grades. 

So, yeah: nerd. It's what I've become. 

Oh--wait!!! I'm a faux nerd: a true nerd would have come in on the right date, right?

At least I'm not late. 


Jennifer said...

Oops! Oh well. At least you looked fabulous

Spikessib said...

If you have a good instructor, you'll really enjoy micro. If you have an instructor like mine, much better early than late.

c-90 said...

You're not late, everyone else is behind the curve.