Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Guilty pleasure: Pam from True Blood

Recently we've been watching the Gothic Southern-fried soap opera True Blood, and I absolutely adore Pam. Maybe it's because she's ruthless but still manages to care about not mussing her favorite shoes. Maybe it's because she's just plain ruthless.

Or maybe it's because she wears too much pink.

However, Lafayette is actually my favorite in the series, and I don't appreciate Pam menacing him.

Light posting whilst getting ready for Phlegmfest. The crisis I alluded to last week was this. Himself's pericarditis was quite a surprise, but the important thing is that he's well on the mend and that the whole episode was not, in fact, as serious as a heart attack. Life is busy and you have all the things you think you're going to fit into your day. Plans. Goals. Druthers. Then things come along that transform what is most present in your mind. Those druthers have a way of falling to the wayside and showing themselves for the peripheral details they are, details which often blur into the background, anyway. The important thing is he's getting better, and dear friends are here and on the way over the next several days. There will be lots of talking, laughing, good food and good drink.

I can't wait to see the tribe, and at this point, I sort of don't care that my cage needs hosing out. I don't think anyone will need a tetanus shot to enter the house, and I'll do all I can to make everyone comfortable. I'll try to pull focus from the mess by the clever staging of cute shoes and the deployment of heart-stealing puppies. :)

Yay. :)


Old NFO said...

LOL, see you tomorrow :-)

JC said...

Um, read the headline as "True Blonde". My fault.