Friday, May 11, 2012

all your karaoke are culminating with us

Grade for A&P I should be posted by 5PM today, but I spent a lot of Thursday anxious, nail-biting and frequently flying to my inbox on the university site. Caught a ride into the neighboring burgh for karaoke Thursday night and proceeded to drink several fishbowls of margarita.

Not by me, but someone sang Jimmy Buffet. Someone may, at some point, have stepped on a pop top and blowed out a flip flop.

But I may be mistaken.

Okay, still slightly teenyishly wired, but with the help of St Margarita, I may sleep tonight.

Still anxious about the grade.

I sang, like, a million karaoke songs, too. I sang some Loretta Lynn and something from Cats (a mistake I shan't soon repeat), and I got a mulligan on an Amy WInehouse song and they let me switch to another, thankfully. Then I was finally on the right track with I Wish by Stevie Wonder, and the whole room was with me. It was a hoot. In an escalating fit of daring tunes, I finally concluded with Minnie Ripperton's Loving You. A table of Ecuadoran busboys at the back of the room were so into it, cheering along as I sang. I don't know what this means, but I'm okay with it. I even pretty much hit the high notes.

So then I got on my cell phone blog moderation and had a comment from Squeaky that she was feeling nostalgic for the NRA Convention, where we did a stirring street duet of the Queen Of the Night's vengeance aria, and then the whistle tone series passages of Loving You. It was a hot mess, but it was fabulous all over. I really must tell you soon about all the lovely people I met at the NRA convention very, very soon.

Still awaiting that grade. Even though school is not only not out forever, it's not even out for summer, it still feels like a relief. I just hope it still feels like a relief when I see my final grade.

*fingers still crossed, but hoping for high marks*


Matt G said...

Re: Street duet: I believe that I've got a bit of video from that, though I didn't unlimber my digicam soon enough to get the majority of it.

Joe Allen said...

"Grade for A&P"... Airframe and Powerplant... I thought you were studying to be a nurse? I'm sure you'll ace it just the same!

"I Wish by Stevie Wonder"... would have love to have heard that, one of my favorite songs of all time.

Here's a duet version with Stevie and Bonnie Raitt: Bonnie's wicked bottleneck jams even make up for the lack of a horn section.

Christina RN LMT said...

Yays! I just had an end-of-semester party at my music director's place, and we had a blast with karaoke and singing around the piano.
I'm sure you did very well and your grade will reflect that.
I'm biting my nails, waiting for my own grades to be posted, but NOTHING yet. Maybe I have to wait until all finals are done next week. *sigh*

Thud said... can see a very young me singing away over at my place...don't laugh too hard and be gentle with comments as I'm obviously a sensitive soul.

Old NFO said...

You'll do fine. Take it and move on! :-)

Bonnie said...

Matt: pls to be posting, kthxbai. Or emailing, at least.