Friday, May 04, 2012

One down, two to go.

Last night was my A&P I lab final. I think I did middling at best, but hopefully it was enough to pass. I really need to hit the written portion out of the park next week though.

Monday or Tuesday I have to take my Psych final online, and I'm not at all worried about that one. I think worst-case scenario on that would be a B, and that wouldn't kill me by a long shot.

Except for the A&P final, all the running into town and to classes is done, so that is one be exhausting factor off the table, at least. Now I can spend that time studying and reviewing. I'm so glad this semester is almost over. I'm also gratified it's generally gone as well as it has.

Fiddling with plants and flowers tomorrow and cleaning. I'll try to post some photos for you. :)

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Crucis said...

You're taking Psych classes too? Didn't know that. My first degree was in Clinical Psychology. Then it dawned on me that no one made any money with a Psych degree. So I picked a few more that paid better...a Double-E and another in Computer Science.

You can starve with only a Psych degree!