Wednesday, May 09, 2012

I think this is funny

When the musical wrapped up a couple months ago, I started attending yoga class religiously. Tuesday and Wednesday I go to a local studio for a Slow Flow class, and Sundays and Mondays I go to a more rigorous class up at the university. They both are a workout and I'm seeing an increase in my range of motion (coupled with looser trousers!) which is encouraging. Poses which were a struggle a month ago are getting to be almost easy for me. I love the way several places in my neck/back pop when I'm in a forward fold position, too-- this feels amazing! (forward bends are the best!)

Tuesday night before class, one man was talking to me and said he couldn't help noticing how flexible I am. I thought this was funny, considering he is at the front of the class and I'm always in the back right corner farthest from the door. Apparently he noticed my form on side triangle pose and that made me feel pretty good. The cool thing about yoga is that the moves are not that difficult, but the better you know the poses, the more challenging they become because you're trying to focus on good form and alignment and proper breathing. Believe it or not, once you get yourself into this position, one of the biggest challenges is looking up at the ceiling, but I've been getting more steady and stable. It's fun. The time also passes quickly. I never quite believe nearly an hour has passed when we finally go into corpse position and lay still and quiet at the end of the class. It's wonderful exercise and very good for you.

So, anyway, it felt good for a long-time yoga devotee to compliment how I'm doing in the class.

I was leaving the class and another man was leaning on the front of the building outside, waiting for someone else to come out. He said "you're quite a noodle, aren't you?" I said "what?" and he said "you're very bendy!"

Wow. Two people in one night saying I'm very flexible. I'll take that as a compliment but if they think I'm flexible now, they've got another thing coming. I'll be doing inverted pretzel* in no time.

*no such pose, I made this one up


Old NFO said...

LOL, I'm glad 'somebody' is flexible... sigh...

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your final. If it existed that inverted pretzel pose mentioned would have been useless without pictures.


phlegmfatale said...

Old NFO - you really should try it-- it's amazing how it increases your range of movement!

Ben - Hyuk. Maybe I will invent inverted pretzel one of these days, and I'll definitely want to document it, but I think I'll pay someone more fit to model it, okay? :)