Wednesday, May 23, 2012

See Praline chortle. Chortle, Praline, Chortle!

Praline is longing to go out and play fetch with the pink piggy Nostrildamus, but the piggy sessions are fewer in number and briefer in duration than she would prefer.  Praline has become quite vocal about her wish to play with the toy out back.

I have no wish to torment the little beast, but I do find it incredibly cute and sweet when she is so beside herself.


Old NFO said...

And that tail is just a goin!!!

Vinogirl said...

Well, that was a hit with Vinodog 2, she gave my laptop the evil eye as Praline chortled :) So I replayed it...three times!

Monkeywrangler said...

Praline is sure cute! BTW, sorry to read that Himself is out-of-sorts recently. I hope he gets it all sorted out for the better asap!


Auntie J said...

Goodness. She could cool my entire house with that tail!

I'd ask if I could borrow her, but Small Fry is still terribly scared of doggies. Even ones that are only about as big as Pa'ani (our 16-pound cat). This is a vast improvement over her absolute terror at the mere sight of a dog a hundred feet away, so I can't complain.