Monday, May 21, 2012

sorry for light blogging...

AEPilotJim is here as he had business in this region. He's helping get stuff ready for Phlegmfest while Himself's paw is all stoved up.

The puppies are doing their usual musical beds routine they favor when we have company, and last night they visited uncle Jim on and off.  Chuy, ever the gracious host, was apparently overly excited from the visit, and puked, but saved that magic for my bed, rather than the sofa with Jim.  I told Jim to thank me for the retch-around.

Other convo involved Himself saying something about things outside one's OODA loop.  Jim then said to me "that's a geek thing" and I said "I know what it is.  I've seen Willy Wonka."

Having fun. Hopefully we can get the place in a slightly better state before folks start arriving next week.  Temperature Wednesday and Thursday is supposed to be 100 degrees or higher.  Nice to have Jim here to see what a great difference the insulation he helped install next year has made in the heat.  This house is so much cooler. :)

And my friends are super-cool, too.  :)

I owe you a puppy post, but Blogger App wouldn't let me upload a picture.  I have pup pictures backlogged, so I'll try to get one up on Tuesday.  Hope you're having a great week. :)

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Old NFO said...

Better puking than pissing on the bed or somebodies leg... just sayin... :-)