Thursday, March 01, 2012

This is not my bunny nest, but it is one like it.

The bunnies seem to be doing fine. One rogue baby has crawled out of the nest several times, and we've scooped it up and popped it back into the nest. I found it about 8 inches from the nest about 7AM as I was leaving for school on Tuesday morning. I picked him up and he was all stiff and cool and I worried he'd died in the night, but he started wiggling so I popped him back in the nest and I haven't seen him crawling off since.

Mama bunny has made a nice new downy plug of her underfur to cover over the nest, and then she's covered that over with the coconut fiber, which came from the lining of a plant basket.

Trying to kind of keep an eye on them without being too present. I figure the bunnies, like the ones in this video, were around a week old when the lawnmower first exposed them. I also figure the less used they are to being around people, the better for the bunnies.

Sweet little things, though. They are incredibly lovely. :)

The nest is empty this morning, the cover pulled away. I'm hoping Mama Bunny moved them, but I'll never know. :(


Vinogirl said...

I'm sure they are fine :)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I hope they are okay! I suspect that the mom did move them, as it does not sound like there were any signs of an encounter with a predator.

BGMiller said...

This is MY bunny nest.
There are many like it but his one is mine.



Old NFO said...

No blood, guts and feathers, mama moved em...