Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First day back at work was a rodeo

But it wasn't too bad. I feel a lot less stressed out today than I did before I had the week off, so it's obviously done me some good.

Made a 81.5 on written portion of A&P midterm exam and 86.5 on the lab portion, so I'm holding with a good solid B in that class.

My psych class average is right at about 89.6, so I think an A is eminently doable, so I'm hopeful for that. :)

I didn't do much around the house in all that time off, but I did manage to get through all my laundry, which is no small feat. :) The tough thing about laundry is that you're always making more dirty laundry, right? I'm particularly unfond of the Sisyphean task.

My plants are looking nice, so far, but it's been easy because it's been rainy with lots of moisture in the air. We shall see how long that lasts when it gets blisteringly hot with no new rain.

Saw a little woodpecker in the pecan tree out back. The leaves are not all on yet, so I could easily see where he was busy, thumping away. Cute!


Jess said...

It's a good thing. Maybe the bird will get the critters before they get the tree.

Pecans can attract all kinds of bad insects, including web worms. Spray around the trunk to help keep some from climbing up for a summer feast.

Old NFO said...

Yech... Laundry... bout as bad as dishes... :-)