Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spitting images. Or licking.

Every once in a while when watching films or cartoons, a snippet of one character or another will make me and/or Himself shout "that's CHUY!" or "that's PRALINE!" We recently watched Tangled and lo and behold, they had representations of both in one film, and to cardinal degrees. In fact, we shouted "That's ___________" simulatenously several times, and often throughout the movie. The chameleon tongue in the ear is a classic rendering of Chuy's patented Stealth Brain Squeegee™ maneuver.

To wit, here's the Chooch made over:

And here's sweet little death-to-sqwirlz Praline:

Seriously, the physicality of the horse is eerily like Praline's. Also the determined degree of focus is her in the flesh, and the toad-stomping out on the limb, well, it looks like the animators watched her stomping toads.

Love it! I loved the movie, in general. Highly recommended.


charlotte g said...

I've seen this twice so far, and probably like it better than the grandkids do. I totally get Praline now--actions speak louder than pictures sometimes.

Nancy R. said...

I LOVE Maximus. And it's a great movie, which is good, because we're averaging a complete viewing once every two days around here.

Roscoe said...

The New York City native fauna cleaning the apartment in "Enchanted" is not to be missed. It is my favorite scene in Disney movies of recent vintage, and the movie is worth the rental if you've never seen it.

My wife and I swear that the animators of "Tangled" had Alex Kingston in mind for Mother Gothel ... or they watched way too much "Doctor Who" during production.