Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Busy times

Things have been unbelievably hectic of late, but they've been good, too.

The Fates conspired to keep me and Himself away from the Schutenfest last weekend, but FarmMom and FarmDad came by to see us on Monday and we all went out for some delicious quail at a local eatery. They are dear friends so it's always good to see them. The puppies were ever-so-happy to see them, too. :)

Tuesday after class I stopped by to see the advisor at my university. She pulled up my GPA and said with my high average, that I could easily get into the nursing program for Fall '13 if I just have a B average in all my nursing prerequisite classes. I'm poised to get a B in A&P I, but I'm still hoping for an A and working very hard to that end. There's only 6 weeks left in the semester, after all, and this seems doable to me. I'll be applying for the nursing program in February next year. Plenty of time to wrap myself around the axle before then.

I was going to yoga quite regularly about a year ago and absolutely loving it. Yoga is the only exercise (other than long walks) where I don't feel like I've been beaten with a sock-full of rocks at the end of it. I'm just not an athlete, I must admit. Things happened last summer and schedule changed and my instructor flaked out and I slacked off on it, and picked it up again late summer/fall when I found another studio, and then I got sick for about 6 weeks and just never went back. Then I got sick again. Then I re-sprained my ankle. Anyway, went back for the first time Tuesday and it felt great. It was a little harder to get through on Wednesday, but I'm looking forward to going regularly from here on out. Have been on more walks, too.

This old sprain, though-- have any of you had ongoing complications from an old sprained ankle? The left ankle is visibly thicker than the right, and sometimes it swells. I think there's inflammation there that's just never really gone away, but I'm not sure going to the dr is merited-- I'm not sure they can do anything? Having it firmly massaged feels good, and when I was doing yoga regularly, the size of the whole joint seemed almost as small as the right one, so I'm sure that all that stretching has a good affect. Anyone have any advice to offer on the old sprain?


Peter said...

I'd suggest getting the doctor to check it out. Local swelling that won't go away may indicate a circulation problem, and the last thing you want is for that to get worse without warning!

(How do I know this? Trust me. I know this.)

Love to both of you from both of us.

Jess said...

I had pain for a long time when I sprained my ankle in 2007. I still have some aches during cold weather, or after long periods of standing, but never any swelling. I think that would concern me enough to consult a doctor.

Farmmom said...

I agree with Peter. Get it checked out. Inflammation that won't go away is not good in any sense.
It takes time for tendons and ligaments to heal but yours should be better by now.

Stingray said...

Get it checked for good measure, but also look at You'll hate me for linking it, you'll hate "K-starr" for... well everything but mostly just for being k-starr, but he knows his stuff and the stuff is all very results-getting. Hurts, but hurts to a good end.

Evyl Robot Michael said...

We certainly missed you! We'll have to work out another time to get together. I've got no wisdom to offer on your ankle, only empathy.

Jennifer said...

You were most certainly missed. Get your ankle looked at, and we hope to see you soon.

phlegmfatale said...

Peter - It's not really soft tissue swelling - it seems to be the ligaments an bones, but I'm sure you're right and I'll drag my butt into the dr one of these days

Jess - I'll go to the dr!

Farmmom - I'll go to the dr!

Stingray - that's a fascinating site and I forgive you. I will get it checked out. I've been back in yoga for a week now and that's really helped with the swelling.

ERM - Missed you too and look forward to seeing you another time soon.

Jennifer - I'll get it checked out!