Saturday, January 08, 2011

Saturday night project: minding the gap

So there's this bloody huge gap between the bottom of the baseboard and where the flooring ends. I think there may have been a quarter round there, or another piece of moulding, or maybe a carpet, but there's a big gap and on cold nights, I feel a cold draft blowing up me smalls, and I don't like it. Eventually, the walls will be replaced in this room, and flooring, etc, and when that happens, well, I'll invest in better trim/baseboards. Until that time, I need to plug up the gap because we have major nasty weather blowing in tomorrow, and if it was cold at 30 degrees, I'll be the 'teens will be super-ooshy.

Don't you just love the 21st century? Expandable foam is so ossum! First I taped off the area so I can cut away the excess (hopefully) without mucking up the humble baseboard and wood flooring the house now sports.

Sequester pups in kitchen, check.
Protective eyewear, check.
Nitrile gloves, check.

*squirty foo* *squirty foo* *squirty foo*

I guess we'll see how this works, but the air has already stopped flowing in. How I've managed to not have rattlesnakes in the house is a marvel, actually.

More later.

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Scott McCray said...

"*squirty foo* *squirty foo* *squirty foo*"

Heh...Phlegmmy winz teh intarwebz for the night! (shakes head and chuckles)

Jon said...

The dried foam will stick to anything and can destroy a finish. Looking at how you masked to prevent this occurence, I'd say:

Good show, and may your toes be warm in the future.

On a Wing and a Whim said...

Yay for expandable foam and warmth!

Technology is a lady's best friend - well, outside of Himself, and puppies. :-)

Thud said...

I was about to say that it can blow mouldings out but it obviously didn'tso I'll shut up.